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Tony Blake                          Revsline[at]                 Ph.0432859230
Wendy Colville                   wendycolville[at]        Ph. 0424292487
Eveline Crotty rsm              ecrotty [at]                 Ph 0418230402
Judith Dunbar                      judithdunbar [at]            Ph. 0428552521
Peter Maher                         petermaher [at]                Ph. 02 9557 3197
Mary Pearson                      maryepearson [at]               Ph. 0413 149 600
Peter Reedy cm                   preedy [at]                   Ph. 0407760783
Jan Reeve                            revjan [at]                           Ph. 0419432490
Robyn Richardson              robnrach[at]                  Ph. 0402 277498

Life Members

Alex Nelson (retired)          alex.nelson[at]           Ph. 0430 369 945

Rev Tony Blake
Contact details
Mobile: 0432859230
My approach to Supervision
Tony has been in pastoral ministry for 23 years. Some of this involves chaplaincy ministry in hospital, school and aged care settings across a number of denominations, as well as pastoral ministry in church settings.   He has supervised chaplaincy students in their field work and some counselling students.   
 I view supervision as a safe place where two people walk a journey together and at times struggle with issues that are difficult and sometimes unanswerable.  It is a place where one is supported on the journey and where one can struggle or rest with the unanswerable issues if need be  .My approach is a reflective companion on the journey.  

Wendy Colville B.App.Sc.OT, Diploma in Divinity and Mission, Supervisor (AAOS)
Places for Consultation:
Quakers Hill: 51 Gracelands Drive
Rooms 9 & 10 Transforming Practices Inc., 29 Oxford Street. Epping
Mobile: 0424292487
My Approach to Supervision
I view supervision as an opportunity to take “time out” for intentional reflection on issues relating to one's work, in a supportive environment which offers an outside perspective, to enhance personal and professional growth. I consider a person's life experience to be a great resource that can enrich their work. My own life experience includes working as a hospital chaplain in a variety of settings, living and working in Asia and the Middle East, raising a family and involvement in my local church.

Eveline Crotty rsm .
MA, Dip Ed, Cert. Expressive Therapies, Cert. Sandplay Therapy, AAOS Supervisor Trainer
Places for consultation:
Redfern:  17 Young Street, Redfern NSW 2016
Epping:    Rooms 9-10 Transforming Practices Inc.,  29 Oxford Street, Epping NSW 2121
Pendle Hill:    Parramatta/Nepean Presbytery Offices,  92 Pendle Way, Pendle Hill NSW 2145
Lithgow, Bathurst, Orange bi-monthly
Skype both within Australia and overseas
Phone   61 2 83992312 
Mobile  0418230402
My approach to Supervision
“You must have chaos in you to give rise to a dancing star” Nietsche Supervision gives a protected spacefor a person to reflect, question, analyse and critique their personal encounters or workplace issues so that a person can go away from the session affirmed in their approach or take away new questions to explore.
In the reflective model of pastoral supervision the deeper meaning of a situation is explored so that a person comes to see the possible underlying values being played out in the situation and find ways to work with these.
This then deepens one’s own spirituality and calls a person forth to enjoy and delight in their own personal transformation and that of others as they travel together on the road to wholeness.

Judith Dunbar M Divinity; MA Theological Studies; BApp Sc (Advanced Nursing); Dip App Sc (Community Health Nursing). Biology Cert., AAOS Supervisor
Professional/Pastoral Supervisor, Educator, Spiritual Accompanier, Interplay Leader
Places for consultation:

Rooms 9 and 10. Transforming Practices Inc., 29 Oxford Street, Epping 2121
Chatswood South Uniting Church, cnr Mowbray Road and Princes Hwy, Chatswood.
Judith travels to consult with supervisees in other cities, including Canberra and Adelaide and may visit client work sites. Skype both within Australia and overseas.
Mobile 0428552521
My Approach to Supervision
Underpinning my practice is the belief that people’s experiences, particularly those that are uncomfortable and disorientating can be the basis for personal, emotional and spiritual learning and transformation.
My understanding comes through personal experience and from studies in theology, supervisory practice, teaching theory, various nursing strands and science.
I have a passion for teaching and supporting people to grow in personal awareness, facilitating their
coming alive to insights and learning which enhances their professional pastoral self.
I am enthusiastic about working with people who are keen to learn about their own practice, who desire personal and professional understanding, and who expect their supervisor to accompany them on that journey. I currently take pleasure working with practitioners from pastoral practice, pastoral management, education and nursing practice, either in individual or peer group supervision.

Mary Pearson M.A., B. Th (hons), Cert.Ed., AAOS Supervisor
Places for Consultation:
16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, 2151.
Rooms 9 and 10, Transforming Practices Inc., 29 Oxford St, Epping, 2121
Supervision for those at a distance also by Skype.
Mobile: 0413 149 600
My Approach to Supervision
My approach to supervision is that of offering a safe place of listening, to encourage reflection on areas of work and life that may challenge or delight, and so to foster learning and growth both in the professional and personal sphere.  It is about discovering more about ourselves and recognizing how we may continue to develop our skills at every stage of life.
My background as a mental health chaplain makes me very aware of human vulnerability and strength. I enjoy working with, and learning from, people of many different cultural backgrounds.

Peter Maher. BTheol., M Ed (Adult), AAOS Supervisor
Places for consultation:
109 Lennox Street Newtown 2042
Telephone: 02 9557 3197
Mobile:   0439460779
My approach to Supervision
"The unexamined life is not worth living." (Socrates)
I am interested in facilitating people's transformative learning through critical reflection on workplace events to create new meanings in that context.
I am interested in pastoral supervision with people in pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, community work and pastoral care with individuals and groups.
I am also interested in working to support priests in ministry through an accompaniment called Priests Reflective Consultation. See for further information.
My experience includes a wide range of pastoral ministries, university and hospital chaplaincy, retreat work and adult education. I currently work as a Catholic priest in parish ministry.

Alex Nelson STL, BA (Hons), PhD
Member of Australian Psychological Society, Registered Psychologist (Psychology Board of Australia), Supervisor AAOS
Phone      02 9674 1216
Mobile      0430 369 945
My Approach to Supervision
My approach to supervision is to regard it as a time and place to foster transformative adult learning.
Through conversation about their life and workplace experience, which reflects on how the meanings and practices of their tradition, cultures and contexts influence their practice, supervisees grow in awareness, make choices to protect themselves from overwork and become a clearer presence to those in their care.
I enjoy working with both individuals and groups.

Jan Reeve   B. Ed, B. Th, M. Min, Supervisor (AAOS)
Places for Consultation

St Ives: 260 Mona Vale Road, St Ives. NSW 2075
Epping: Rooms 9 & 10 Transforming Practices Inc 29 Oxford Street, Epping. NSW 2121
Other places for supervision can be arranged to suit supervisor and practitioner, including Skype and phone for people at a distance.
Ph: 02 9983 1549
Mobile 0419432490
My Approach to Supervision
Supervision involves setting time aside for active reflection on our work, life and relationships. It provides a safe place outside the workplace, to discuss, analyse and discover the dynamics of our work, in order to understand ourselves better, and learn to be more effective. Professional Supervision and Pastoral supervision provide a learning place for people to discover and develop insights and new ways of acting and being, which can enhance our professional and personal lives.
My work experience in teaching, mission consultancy and pastoral leadership in local church settings, forms the background of my growing development and experience in supervision. My aim as a supervisor is to work with people in their life journeys to help enable their personal growth and professional development.

Peter Reedy cm B.Th, Grad Dip. Theol., AAOS Supervisor
Places for consultation:
Rooms 9 and 10 Transforming practices Inc., 29 Oxford Street Epping 2121
71 Agincourt Road Marsfield
Phone:            02 9805 1221
My approach to Supervision
I see the time in supervision/consultation as a safe place to reflect on work and ministry. My approach to supervision is influenced by my experience in ministry (in Fiji, Central Queensland and Sydney) as well as my training in reflective pastoral supervision with Transforming Practices Inc. I also welcome the use of creative ways to do supervision. 

Robyn Richardson:  M.A, B.Min, Ad.Dip Theology, CPE, Supervisor (AAOS)
Places for Consultation:
Brookvale – private residence
Epping – Rooms 9 & 10 Transforming Practices Inc. 29 Oxford Street, Epping
Other places for supervision can be arranged to suit supervisor and practitioner.
Phone:  0402 277498
Email:  robnrach[at] 
My approach to supervision:
My work experience of 16 years in pastoral leadership in local church settings, as well as 10 years’ experience in chaplaincy with the Community Services sector, forms the background of my growing development and experience in pastoral supervision.
I delight in journeying with people and offering pastoral supervision in a safe and supportive place to reflect on professional practice, to develop insights into self, and to offer the opportunity for transformative learning.